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About Laura

Laura is a valuable source of information on the after life. She is a trusted leader - while giving you a sense of security to live life to its fullest. She is here to help you get the most out of your life, showing you the "why" AND the "how." And while she gives you advice, she is also here to listen, share, laugh and connect. Laura is a highly dynamic healer! It is a rare gift to work with her. She is very aware of energies and how you can improve your life by doing simple things that bring about big changes.

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Is there life after death? Ask the questions you are “dying” to know the answers to.

Ultimate VIP Session


Do in 3 months what would take you 3 years.

Blockage Removal


Included, is the “free” feeling of an emotion or emotions, that you no longer need, being released.

Relationship Enhancement


Develop “strong” relationships, one relationship at a time.


Check out how we showcase what Laura's clients say about her.

  • Quin Spencer III

    It  SIMPLY  just works! Laura’s suggestions just work! I can’t explain how! I can’t explain it! …nor do I want to try. When everything else fails, try Laura!

    I micro managed way too much! Laura suggested I let go of the amount of control. Now I delegate decisions and tasks to others, trusting they will get the job done. Sometimes it turns out less than expected, but more often than not, the results turn out better than I had anticipated, as long as I give clear cut directions. Now my employees are taking the initiative on their own to impress me.

    Thinking of the end result also helped me out a lot. I used to only think about the here and now and it was affecting my long term results. Laura helped me understand how my daily decisions impact the end results of my quarterly and annual time-frames.

    Lastly, I want to share with you the impact Laura had on my relationship with my companion of 17 years. We had been struggling on and off to really connect. After one session with Laura we realized that it would take a lot of love and a lot of time to heal wounds. After three months of dating each other, every week, faithfully and after we both stepped up the game instead of expecting the other person to change.

    I, for one, changed the attitude I had and also the physical touch that I was needing to give away. (I am typically not a touchy feely person so I had to get out of my comfort box.) As soon as I started giving more affection and taking on more of the household responsibilities, then we both just seemed to relax into the relationship we both needed. Now we are truly feeling the rekindling of the fire we once had.

    Thank you, Laura

    I can’t explain how! I can’t explain it! …nor do I want to try. When everything else fails, try Laura!

  • Sonya Garcia

    When my mom took ill, Laura was there. We started off with a couple emotional release sessions for me, before I left to be there for my mom during her healing. Even though I was staying with my mom, who lived miles away in another state, Laura was there. We both could feel her love and support. I can’t explain it fully. All that I can say is Laura would text me out of the blue, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. She would leave me a voicemail message of encouragement when I took my mom into radiation or chemotherapy. All up until the end I knew Laura was there healing my mom. When I say up to the end, I mean…up until my mom started her remission. Now it has been several years (8 to be exact) and my mom is a shining example of what Laura can do.

    Thank you Laura for giving me my mom back. I love you and mom loves you.


  • Brad J.

    “Laura is the REAL thing!!! If you want to feel your own internal POWER than you can do that only through Laura!

  • S Marsh

    Laura’s single session was more beneficial and helpful than all of my years of therapy combined. After our first session I took the plan that Laura and I created together. I saw results the first day.

    -S Marsh

  • Chelsea Leah Johnson

    Laura’s advice has probably changed the course of my life forever.

    As a young woman in 1983, I began my journey in life as an LDS missionary, then directly after, I became a stay at home mom. Going on a mission as well as being a mom are two of the greatest experiences of my life.

    Then, suddenly, the unthinkable happened! My husband died of a stroke and left me with three children to raise all on my own.

    I was desperate to find help. Yet, I didn’t want anyone to know what I was feeling. I let my guard down and asked in prayer to be able to find someone who could understand me. Then the miracle happened!

    I met Laura at the grocery store, of all places. We began talking and exchanged numbers. I knew that there just had to be a better way than the way I was doing things. Chaos everyday is not what I asked for, but that is what I had to learn how to change and figure out a way to get rid of it out of my life for good! I knew right when I met her, Laura would have the answers I needed.

    I remember Laura saying how the neurotransmitters in my brain are over stimulated. She got me on a schedule that worked for my family and I. I learned how to spend some alone time by myself once a month. I worked on being home each night at dinnertime. I got off work at 3pm so it gave me plenty of time to fetch dinner and be home soon after the kids arrived home from school.

    I didn’t know that I would be blessed after such a devastating loss. There are still some days that are very hard. I pull myself through them and appear on the other side each time. Now I know how to do it. Thank you Laura!


  • Mary S.

    Nothing worked before I met Laura. I am a self assured person and even with my high esteem nothing could prepare me after the death of my mother. I became weakened, emotionally and physically. I had a hard time getting out of bed when the chronic fatigue kicked in, as well as severe panic attacks and anxiety and severe back pain. A friend recommended Laura to me. On the first visit I noticed a big decrease in my daily aches and pains. Not only did I feel physically improved, but I also felt emotionally happier. My spirits were lifted! It had been months…maybe even years, since I felt this good!

    Whatever Laura and I did had worked! I was able to work full days and my anxiety stayed away most of the time, as long as I remembered to eat lunch and drink more water. Those were just a couple of simple things Laura helped me to understand about myself. And listening to what my body needs. When the doctors couldn’t figure it out Laura did!

    Forever Thankful,

    Mary S.

  • C. S.

    Wow! An amazing experience each time with Laura! I leave feeling calm and healthy! I am looking forward to your achievements throughout the world, especially your “Laura’s how-to” video series. Keep me posted! I think it’ll be a hard but good ride for you Laura.

  • C. Minnesinger

    Last year I lost my job with Microsoft and it has been tough figuring things out. Until I met Laura. On the June 1st my whole life opened up. Within 3 months I landed the job of my dreams! Thank you Laura. But before I go I wanted to say something about Laura.

    Sometimes I get lost in my busy schedule so I am always excited to see what Laura has next for me. She has a special gift of inspiration so each visit makes my life easier! I truly enjoy my treatment sessions from the start to the ending and to see what’s next for the week. She makes you question the little things I can do in my life that make big changes. And she helps me to imagine finishing my most important goals first.

    I love each visit with her. I recommend her to anyone looking to be ahead of the game quickly!

    I thought it would take all year but it only took 3 months.

    Thank you Laura for getting me to the best level of my life.

  • Allen

    I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good and personable Masseuse.
    I have been a client of Laura Summers Davis for a few months now. I have been going to her on a weekly basis.  She gives a phenomenal massage!  She uses different oils and scents and I have fallen asleep a number of times.  I always am so relaxed and stress free after a session.  She has a comfortable setting to give massages and does home visits as well if needed.
    Allen T. G.


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